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Western Journal of Communication

Western Journal of Communication, 66(4). (2002). ISSN 1957-0314. Published quarterly by the Western States Communication Association. Subscriptions:

“The journal is dedicated to the publication of original scholarly manuscripts which advance our understanding of human communication. . . . [It publishes] research in rhetorical and communication theory, interpersonal communication, media studies, cultural and critical theory, language behavior, small group communication, freedom of speech, gender studies, and applied communication in health, family relationships, and organizations, among other contexts.”

The Fall 2002 issue presents a special section on conspiracy rhetoric, featuring four articles:

  • Charles J. Stewart, “The master conspiracy of the John Birch Society: From Communism to the new world order” (pp. 424-447);
  • Leroy G. Dorsey, “Re-reading The X-Files: The trickster in contemporary conspiracy myth” (pp. 448-468);
  • James Darcy, “A conspiracy of silence” (pp. 469-491);
  • Steven R. Goldzwig, “Conspiracy rhetoric at the dawn of the new millennium: A response” (pp. 492-506).