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Journal of Media and Religion

Journal of Media and Religion, 1(1) (2002) and (2) (2002). ISSN 1534-8423. Published by Lawrence Erlbaum and Associates, 10 Industrial Avenue; Mahwah, NJ 07430-2262; Journal of Media and Religion addresses the question of how religion as a social and cultural phenomenon broadens understanding of mass communication in society. It is a forum for scholars, media professionals, and theologians to discuss media and religion from a social science viewpoint.”

The initial number provides introductory essays to the study of media and religion. After the editors’ introduction (Daniel A. Stout and Judith M. Buddenbaum), “Genealogy of an emerging field: Foundations for the study of media and religion” (pp. 5-12), five leading scholars each sketch out an approach.

  • Judith Buddenbaum writes about “Social science and the study of media and religion” (pp. 13-24);
  • Stewart M. Hoover, “The culturalist turn in scholarship on media and religion” (pp. 25-36);
  • Clifford G. Christians, “Religious perspectives on communication technology” (pp. 37-47);
  • Daniel A. Stout, “Religious media literacy: Toward a research agenda” (pp. 49-60);
  • Thomas R. Lindlof, “Interpretive community: An approach to media and religion” (pp. 61-74).

Number 2 presents three essays:

  • Donn James Tilson and Yi-Yuan Choa present a rhetorical analysis of the practices of accompanying a presentation of relics in “Saintly campaigning: Devotional-promotional communication in the U.S. tour of St. Thérèse’s relics” (pp. 81-104).
  • Guy Golan applies a theory developed in mass media research to the religious arena, “Religiosity and the third-person effect” (pp. 105-120)
  • Kyle D. Huckins examines “Communication in religious lobbying: Making meaning, creating power” (pp. 121-134).