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Journal of Communication and Religion

Journal of Communication and Religion, 25(2). (2002). Published semi-annually by the Religious Communication Association. Contact Becky Johns, Executive Secretary, RCA; Communication Department; Weber State University; Odgen, UT 84404.

“The Journal of Communication and Religion publishes original articles that advance theory and research about communication in religious contexts.”

  • Michael J. Hostetler writes about religious discourse and civil religion, using Senator Joseph Liberman’s Fellowship Chapel address during the 2000 U.S. presidential campaign as a case study (pp. 148-165).
  • Nancy J. Eckstein and Paul D. Turman apply the spiral of silence theory to discussions of religious beliefs in the university classroom (pp. 166-192)
  • Joshua Gunn examines the rhetoric of the occult discourse in the U.S. popular media, focusing on the 19th century Theosophical Society (pp. 193-227).
  • John B. Hatch turns to religious music, using the concept of “rhetorical synthesis” to analyze the Gospel Gangstaz’ 1999 hip-hop album (pp. 228-267).