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Journal of Communication, 52(3). (2002). ISSN 0021-9916. Published quarterly for the International Communication Association by Oxford University Press. Contact International Communication Association; 1730 Rhode Island Avenue, NW, Suite 300; Washington, DC 20036.

This special theme issue presents “emerging integrations” in “research on the relationship between verbal and nonverbal communications.” In addition to the editors’ introduction (by Stanley E. Jones and Curtis D. LeBaron), the journal publishes nine studies:

  • Ross Buck and C. Arthur VanLear, “Verbal and nonverbal communication: Distinguishing symbolic, spontaneous, and pseudo-spontaneous nonverbal behavior” (pp. 522-541);
  • LeBaron and Jones, “Closing up closings: Showing the relevance of the social and material surround to the completion of interaction” (pp. 542-565);
  • Janet Beavin Bavelas, Linda Coates, and Trudy Johnson, “Listener responses as a collaborative process: The role of gaze” (pp. 566-580);
  • Jürgen Streeck, “Grammars, words, and embodied meanings: On the uses and evolution of So and Like” (581-596);
  • Christian Heath, “Demonstrating suffering: The gestural (re)embodiment of symptoms” (pp. 597-616);
  • Wayne A. Beach and LeBaron, “Body disclosures: Attending to personal problems and reported sexual abuse during a medical encounter” (pp. 617-639);
  • Valerie Manusov and April R. Trees, “‘Are you kidding me?’: The role of nonverbal cues in the verbal accounting process” (pp. 640-656);
  • Judee K. Burgoon, Joseph A. Bonito, Artemio Ramirez, Jr., Norah E. Dunbar, Karadeen Kam, and Jenna Fischer, “Testing the interactivity principle: Effects of mediation, propinquity, and verbal and nonverbal modalities in interpersonal interaction” (pp. 657-677).