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Human Communication Research

Human Communication Research, 28(4). (October 2002). ISSN: 0360-3989. Published four times a year by Oxford University Press for the International Communication Association; 1730 Rhode Island Avenue, NW, Suite 300; Washington, DC 20036.

This special issue, edited by Timothy R. Levine, Michael J. Beatty, and Dan O’Keefe publishes 11 articles on “Statistical and Methodological Issues in Communication Research.” The articles address a number of themes–from generalizability in communication research (Michael R. Shapiro, pp. 491-500) to the consequences of complexity in experimental design (Rachel A. Smith, Timothy R. Levine, Kenneth A. Lachlan, & Thomas A. Fediuk, pp. 515-530) to the use of factor analysis (Hee Sun Park, René Dailey, & Daisy Lemus, pp. 562-577) to questions and methods of content analysis (Matthew Lombard, Jennifer Synder-Duch, & Cheryl Campanella Bracken, pp. 587-604). Other articles discuss a range of more technical statistical measures and their appropriate applications.