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EME: Explorations in Media Ecology

EME: Explorations in Media Ecology, 1(1) (2002) and (2) (2002). ISSN 1539-7785. Published semi-annually for the Media Ecology Association by Hampton Press, Inc.; 23 Broadway; Cresskill, NJ 07626.

The initial number of this journal features several introductory pieces, defining and applying the concepts of media ecology. Each issue publishes articles, “probes” (named after Marshall McLuhan’s exploratory pieces), and book reviews. Among the articles in Volume 1, number 1 are

  • Walter J. Ong, S.J., “Ecology and some of its future” (pp. 5-11);
  • Robert K. Logan, “The five ages of communication” (pp. 13-20);
  • Camille Paglia, “The North American intellectual tradition” (pp. 21-30);
  • Richard Barbrook, “The hi-tech gift economy” (pp. 31-40);
  • Douglas Rushkoff, “Renaissance now! Media ecology and the new global narative” (pp. 41-57).

In addition to the regular sections issue number 2 also presents a comment on education: Barb Blakely Duffelmeyer, “Critical computer literacy and teacher education” (pp. 139-151). The regular articles include

  • Susan B. Barnes, “The development of graphical user interfaces and their influence on the future of human-computer interaction” (pp. 81-95);
  • Katherine Fry, “Television news, natural disaster, and popular culture” (pp. 97-117);
  • Paul A. Soukup, “Media echoes in the development of the social self” (pp. 119-133).