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Edav (educazione audiovisiva). ISSN: 0393-098X. Published monthly. Via XX Settembre 78; 19121 La Spezia, Italy. Subscriptions:

303 (ottobre 2002). This issue features commentary on and analysis of films winning various awards at the Venice Film Festival. They include The Magdalene Sisters (Peter Mullan); Dom Durakov (Andrei Konchalovsky); Oasis (Lee Chang-dong); Far from Heaven (Todd Haynes); Un Viaggio Chiamato Amore (Michele Placido); Xioa Cheng Zhi Chun [Springtime in a Small Town] (Tian Zhuang Zhuang); and La Virgen de la Lujuria [The Virgin of Lujuria] (Arturo Ripstein).

No. 304 (novembre 2002). This issue continues the previous one, with commentary on films presented at the Venice Film Festival, including L’Anima Gemella (Sergio Rubini); Bear’s Kiss (Sergej Bodrov); Between Strangers (Edoardo Ponti); Blood Work (Clint Eastwood); La Forza del Passato (Piergiorgio Gay); Frida (Julie Taymor); Full Frontal (Steven Soderbergh); La Guida–The Tracker (Rolf de Heer); Minority Report (Steven Spielberg); My Name Is Tanino(Paolo Virzì); and No Man’s Land (Danis Tanovic).

No. 305 (dicembre 2002). Articles continue series on logic (names, verbs, propositions); report on the forum, "Parabole Mediatiche" in Rome (November 2002); book and film reviews.

No. 306 (gennaio 2003). Articles continuing the series on logic as applied to (and appearing in) film by Nazareno Taddei; the photography of Marco Napolitano and Davide Niglia. Book and film reviews.

No. 307 (febbraio 2003). Articles: logic of film (inference); television; Kieslowski's La doppia vita di Veronica (1991); photographing architecture. Film reviews.

No. 308 (marzo 2003). Report and papers from a national congress on freedom from and slavery to television.

No. 309 (aprile 2003). Articles: cinema logic (premises and syllogisms); press coverage of African killings; photography (the March for Peace). film reviews.

No. 312 (settembre 2003). Articles: Reviews and commentary on the Venice Film Festival.

No. 313 (ottobre 2003). Articles: Continuing series on logic (types of syllogism); continuing coverage of the Venice Film Festival.

No. 314 (novembre 2003). Articles: on Federico Fellini; logic (relative predication); the new culture of television; the sotry of Mother Theresa (television film on RAI). Film reviews.

No. 315 (dicembre 2003). Articles: Logic (the fallacy of induction); Elia Kazan,; the media and the representation of war. Film reviews.

No. 316 (gennaio 2004). Articles: culture of the image; logic (disputation). Film reviews.

No. 346 (gennaio 2007). Articles: Rosselini's Rome: an interview; 'Rome: Open City': a lecture by Nazareno Taddi, S.J.; Newspaper coverage of cinema.

No. 355 (dicembre 2007). Articles: A new language for a new generation e-mail, texting, and so on. Film, DVD, and festival reviews.

No. 356 (gennaio 2008). Articles: The Gospel in the Internet era; Literature and cinema--the Aeneid; film and festival (Turin, Verona--African cinema) reviews.

No. 357 (febbraio 2008). Articles: The film criticism and method of Nazareno Taddei, S.J.; Cyberbullying; teaching and understanding young people; a study of the film, "Scusa ma ti chiamo amore" (director: Federico Moccia), and film reviews.

No. 358 (marzo 2008). Articles: Cinema and music: the work of Ennio Morricone; "Sounding images" and music in film; a study of the film, "Caos calmo" (director: Antonello Grimaldi); film, Oscar, and book reviews.

No. 359 (aprile 2008). Theme: Mass media and truth. Articles: truth in and outside of communication; logical, moral, and ontological approaches to truth; reporting the truth--"Caos Calmo" and the bishops; truth and advertising; truth and television; satire; film and truth.

No. 360 (maggio 2008). Theme: cinema and the world of work. Articles: a readings of "La Banda" (director: Eran Kolirin); "The Kite Runner" (director: Marc Forster); "Juno" (director: Jason Reitman); "Non pensarci" (director: Gianni Zanasi); "Tutta la vita davanti" (director: Paolo Virz&iactue;); reviews of the 18th festival of African, Asian, and Latin American film (Milan, April 2008).

No. 361 (giugno 2008). Theme: Anniversary issue of the death of Fr. Nazareno Taddei. Articles: Reality from the mass media: ethical, political, educational consequences (Luigi Zaggagnini); Education via mass media: the revolution of Fr. Taddei (Gabriella Grasselli); Structural reading of film (Olinot Brugnoli); a "reading" of Il Ciclone